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Helping Young Information Technology & Computer Professionals to nurture Business Ideas

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Success does not come by accident. It comes from persistent hardwork, determination and passion that drives you. Young and budding computer & Information Technology professionals look for avenues to establish their business and fulfill their dreams. Evoking a positive thought process, 3G Info I.T. Incubation facility is conceived to evolve aspiring young professionals and start ups in the I.T. sector.


Common Reasons why young professionals are not able to succeed

  • Reason 1: Lack of Technical Expertise
  • Reason 2: Most do not have good Mentors
  • Reason 3: Lack of connections and networking skills
  • Reason 5: Inadequate marketing expertise
  • Reason 6: Do not have the business acumen
  • Reason 7: Not able to have an I.T. setup

3G Info has access to various RESOURCES and FACILITIES


3G Infoenvisages to provide the most important ingredients for your Information Technology business to succeed.

  • Expert I.T. professionals to advise
  • Expert Mentors to guide
  • Networking and connecting with the right people
  • Marketing guidance
  • Trusted and good environment to nurture
  • Basic Requirements to be business ready
  • Virtual (Information Technology Ready) office space in an A class Building
  • Ready made Information Technology set up
  • Front office and meeting rooms

3G info Fostering Entrepreneurship in the I.T. Sector

How it works

We provide a trusted environment along with a network of mentors, connections and information needed to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship.

We shall provide you the requisite paraphernalia in addition to access to services of experts from the IT domain and invaluable business advise. We at 3G info understand the nuances of running a successful startup IT business, ready to assist you.

This facility shall function more like an Information Technology incubation facility for your business- I.T. start ups struggling to tie all the loose ends.


3G Info provides services in the Information Technology sector primarily as a Web Design & Development company based in Mohali (Chandigarh Tricty). 3G info provides services covering the entire spectrum of web design, E commerce solutions and mobile apps. We have people who are experts in these IT domains and shall be there to guide you and take you through implementation and marketing solutions. Or possibly if you think that you can scale up your Information Technology business operations with the kind of set up we provide, you are welcome to talk to us.

Initial Costs

The proposal can be discussed and shall vary on case to case basis.